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Monday, November 26, 2001

Via Facsimile

Foreign Department Australia

Passport Department


Re: Our latest phone conversation, today.

Thanks for a pleasant phone conversation with regards to a request from the Philippines about issuing an Australian passport for my under age son, Matu Sjolander.

As I earlier have explained for you - and I guess even my Swedish attorney Mr. Bengt Nestrup have pointed out to you in a phone conversation with him recently - this child kidnapping case is extreme and widely known through the media around the world.

The mother to Matu, is still a fugitive in accordance to international law, and me being the sole legal custodian to my dear son, not only in the Australian Family Court but in the Swedish Family Court as well, shall not agree to the application you have received.

As a legal custodian it is my full responsibility and duty to prevent further means of escape involving my son.

In our previous conversations we agreed that a temporary travel document could be issued - instead of a passport - if it could be established and proven with assistance of the Australian and Swedish Embassy's in Manila, that my son is going back home to Australia or Sweden.

The magnitude of this kidnapping case is thouroughly documented and the contact between me and my loved son has been totally cut off by the perpetrators.

A large number of solicitors have been involved in the case.

This URL address give you a better understanding:


Please let me know the outcome of the proceedings ASAP.

To make it clear, my answer to give my son a passport at this time is NO, with the reservation of the possibilities of issuing a temporary travel document under conditions mentioned above.

Cordially Yours

Ture Sjolander

CC: Bengt Nestrup, Attorney, Sweden - Risa Kleiner, Attorney, NY